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DataparkSearch Engine 3/19/2011 72

Sphider version 1.3.6 release date 6/04/2013 (free version) - a php spider and search engine

Sphider at hotscripts

Sphider forum
Sphider is a lightweight web spider and search engine written in PHP, using MySQL as its back end database. It is a great tool for adding search functionality to your web site or building your custom search engine. Sphider is small, easy to set up and modify, and is used in thousands of websites across the world. 61

Sphider-plus version 3.2015b - The PHP Search Engine 25 Euro

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Fluid Dynamics Search Engine version released 8/22/2005

Fluid Dynamics at hotscripts
FDSE is an easy-to-install search engine for local and remote sites. It returns fast, accurate results from a template-driven architecture. Freeware and shareware versions are available with Perl source. 61

Orca Search 2.3a

Orca at hotscripts 61

iSearch PHP Site Search Engine V2.24

iSearch at hotscripts 71

Free JavaScripts Cut & Paste Internal Site Search Script

Google Custom Search Engine

FreeFind 46

Website Search Engines, Blog Search Tools and Premium Online Advertising. Increase page views and reader engagement across your sites. Unify your content and make it searchable. 51

PicoSearch is an inexpensive hosted site search tool ideal for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits that want to incorporate site search capabilities into their Web sites. 54

SiteLevel - Internal Site Search 58
Sphinx, Solr or elastic search
sphinx search on the backend, that software is amazing!
Apache Solr




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