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Online Ping, Traceroute – Traces the route of packets to destination host from our server. DNS lookup, WHOIS, Port check, Reverse lookup, Proxy checker, Bandwidth meter, Network calculator, Network mask calculator, Country by IP, Unit converter. 51

Server Check Pro Free Sample
https://goo.gl/5P1ELo 55

Web server & web site monitoring services by WebSite Pulse. 55

A free account that lets you monitor one website and includes 20 SMS alerts. 38

HostTracker Website Uptime Monitoring Service
They have several monitoring points all over the world. Once you are registered with the service and the parameters of the monitoring are set, their system starts checking the specified resource periodically, and, should an access error occur, your site will be checked by all other monitoring points; should these attempts fail, you will immediately be notified of the problem by an e-mail or SMS message. 49

Netcraft Uptime Survey
Netcraft Web Server Query Form. They report a site's operating system, web server, and netblock owner together with, if available, a graphical view of the time since last reboot for each of the computers serving the site. Uptime data. 51

https://portal.monitis.com 53

Website Monitoring Service - Site Uptime provides website monitoring services. Receive instant email notices when your website becomes unavailable and view detailed uptime statistics and performance reports for your website monitors. website monitoring, web server monitoring, website uptime. 55

Web Site Monitoring Service. 60 Minute Checking Free. 56

Service Uptime - Free Website Monitoring Service
Whenever your website becomes inaccessible or returns incorrect data the ServiceUptime alerts you within seconds of the event via email or SMS. Be notified instantly once your site becomes inaccessible! 61

mon.itor.us - FREE website monitoring
https://mon.itor.us 61

free web site uptime monitor service. 64

IP Patrol
They monitor your servers and inform you instantly when they are down. 66

Nagios is an open source host, service and network monitoring program. 53

ZABBIX : An Enterprise-Class Open Source Distributed Monitoring Solution
https://www.zabbix.com 55

Uptime Software
Server Monitoring Software - Server Uptime, Monitoring Tools, Graphical Server Monitoring Software. 62

Website Monitoring Software
Server Monitor Transaction Performance Web Downtime Uptime Network Management. 64

Server Monitor


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