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WordPress Corner Peel Plugin by: Suthep Sachasiri

Easy Affiliate Tools Page Software
Easy Affiliate Tools Page gives you an instant professional affiliate tools page that will attract the best affiliates! You can have a great looking affiliate tools page, with banners, emails, autoresponder messages, tweets, pdfs, peel away ads all which can be instantly populated with the affiliate id you will attract the best affiliates!

Wordpress Auto Peel
Grab your visitors attention back and boost your income (and subscriber list) just by placing a simple corner peel ad on your site. Paul Mihai Pavel & John P Hale.

Corner Stay Ads
Corner Stay Ads are the new non intrusive advertising sensation. With CornerStayAds, you can easily present videos, newsfeeds, info, opt-in forms, and more! All without interrupting the users experience!

Peel Away Ads Code
Let's face it: Customers are sick to death of pop-ups, fly-ins, and pop-unders! So that means they're probably running from your site like a bad smell! Advertising is supposed to attract more sales and traffic - not scare them away, right? The ultimate, non intrusive, cutting-edge, most incredible advertising method available today.

Create Peel Away Ads. Now you can afford the type of advertising only corporations had access to. - converting like crazy - front end, upsell & one time offer. Increase your online income by up to 150% by placing a simple PeelAway Ad on your site!

The Ultimate Wordpress Corner Peel Plugin



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