Covert Affiliate - Affiliate Software Review

Covert Affiliate - Affiliate Software from NovaSoft-Inc

Summary : Covert Affiliate stops affiliate commission theft. Now you can earn commissions even from those who by-pass your affiliate link. Covert affiliate can cloak ClickBank hoplinks properly and securely, hide affiliate links - something that other link cloakers can no longer claim to do. Unlike other cloaking tools, Covert Affiliate tags your visitor with your affiliate id as soon as they reach your site, even before they click your affiliate link. Send them to any page you choose and still tag them with your id. Covert Affiliate encrypts your affiliate link code and also secures your page so folks can't view the source code and edit to replace your affiliate id with their own. Uses true javascript encryption that cannot be hacked easily.

Covert Affiliate is a downloadable software application that you can try it out before you buy. It helps you to protect your earnings as an affiliate. As you probably know, stealing affiliate commissions by changing affiliate URLs is a huge threat against all affiliate marketers.

Covert Affiliate is designed to make it much more difficult to let others steal your affiliate commissions.
Covert Affiliate offer 2 different options for protecting your affiliate links.

One of my prefer option is the Embedded Mode. In this mode your affiliate code will be inserted in the end of a webpage. Besides, a cookie will be placed on your visitors computer. Another option is the Cloaked Affiliate Link Mode. In this mode when your visitor clicks on your affiliate link (that doesnt look like an affiliate link) he will be redirected to a page of your choice.

Both options work fine on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Which option you choose to use, depends upon what you want to do.

If you compare Covert Affiliate with some of the other programs that intend to protect your affiliate commissions, youll notice that the pages generated by Covert Affiliate are redirect pages. Several of the other affiliate protection programs use invisible frames to protect the affiliate links.

Covert Affiliate is easy to use. For example, if you place your mouse over a button, a little pop-up text will immediately tell you what that button does.

The code that Covert Affiliate generates is encrypted. If someone visits one of your web pages with your affiliate link, youll get an affiliate commission if that visitor later on decides to order that product even if he or she doesnt order it through your web site and your affiliate links. Once the cookie is placed on your visitors computer, youll get your commission. Unless the visitor delete the cookies on his computer later.

Someone may ask if this is ethical. In my opinion I dont see a problem here. If someone visits your web site and learn about a new, useful product through you isnt it fair that you should get your share for telling that person about that product? Particularly if that visitors isnt going to pay more because you get your commission!  

30% of affiliate commissions are stolen from right under your noses. Learn how to recover these lost commissions. Stop taking chances with your commissions. Boost your affiliate commissions, Get Covert Affiliate - Your ultimate affiliate advantage. Affiliate Armor security. Protect your earnings. Guard your affiliate commissions and prevent others from taking them without your knowledge. Now you can earn affiliate commissions from even those folks who don't click your affiliate link! Profit from this little known secret software that top affiliate marketers have been using to gain an "unfair" advantage over thousands of others like yourself.


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