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Linkvana allows you to send content to your properties (wordpress, youtube, twitter, tumblr and more), or the properties owned by others with a click of a button. This creates a link back to your site. They also provide over 35 outsourced options for link building and content distribution including a fully managed social media plan and a fully managed SEO plan. It's easy to build high quality and targeted links with Linkvana.

You Need More than Just One Type of Link. You need Deep, Diverse links and High Quality content! This is a powerful, customizable HUB for all your natural link-building, content generating and reporting needs. Flexible, Fully-Customizable, HUB for generating High-Quality Content, and diverse, natural, Google-pleasing backlinks. Diversity of Backlinks, with anchor text variation and deep linking, is the Key to Staying on Google's Good Side. Real, relevant, natural, human-generated content to keep your site fresh and ranked at the top!

Automate/Report. Their command center dashboard consolidates all your link-building projects into one simple, easy to use dashboard. Manage and Track everything from one place. Dashboard Summary - View the progress of your entire project "at a glance". You can see the number of posts and articles you've sent to the Linkvana system, your top ranking keywords, on-site and off-site scores, and more.

With Google's ever-changing rules and slaps and updates, it's important to keep your head on a swivel. Don't get locked into to monstrous monthly subscription charges that only deliver one kind of link, one kind of content, or one kind of anything. You need flexibility and customize-ability to stay competitive.

20 Minutes or Less Learning Curve! Even if you've never made a blog post before, you'll be up and running on LinkVana in less than 20 minutes.



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