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The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars

Updated December 1st, 2019 — version 283

Planet Ocean Unfair Advantage Book

Excellent information for scoring high on the search engines. Published by Planet Ocean. You'll be getting the same insights the experts are using to crack the Top 10 rankings.

Benefits You Won't Get Anywhere Else.

- Within 365 days Full 100% refund.

- ONLY the information that you need to score at the top of the search engines. Pure search engine strategies that will produce online profits!

- They'll keep you informed on all the changes happening with the search engines - as they happen.

- Their SEO experts will answer your search engine questions for FREE! They have a team of real search engine experts who will answer your emails regarding search engines and search marketing strategy.

- The UnFair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars is written and maintained by Planet Ocean's team of researchers that collectively puts in more than 500 hours of research EVERY SINGLE MONTH. That means that nothing, absolutely nothing slips past them unnoticed.

Get on The Map! The Complete Guide to Getting Your Small Business Online!

Get on The Map! The Complete Local Guide to Getting Your Small Business Online!

Get on The Map! Learn How to Dominate Your Local Keywords Today! Face it! Your potential customers are relying on local search and their smartphones to decide which restaurant to visit, where the closest dentist is, which plumber to trust and which store has the item they're looking for.

Let them show you exactly how to leverage the Google Place Pages, Yahoo Local, Bing Local and other businesses like Groupon, to put your Web site directly in the path of this huge flood of mobile customers!

Times have changed and the printed phone book is dead! These days it doesn't matter what type of business you are - you need to be found by the latest forms of local search and NOW!

That's why they packaged this step-by-step small business guide in eBook format so you can have it today. And, when something changes, they update the book and you get the updates too!

How to setup and claim your local listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo fast!
How to avoid getting hit by Google's infamous penalty stick.
Learn how to build the citations your business needs to rank!
How to deal with bad reviews...or no reviews.
How to track your Local Search campaigns.
Advanced Chapters on - Understanding and Leveraging Rich Snippets!
And much much much more!
90 Day No-Risk Guarantee!



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