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Drive targeted, high-quality traffic to your website. Advertise with MIVA performance-driven marketing.

Open MIVA Bidding Account. MIVA is a performance-based marketing company, which focuses on driving targeted traffic to websites. FindWhat and MIVA has joined force together. As one global brand, they are the largest independent Performance Marketing network, dedicated exclusively to helping your business grow.

MIVA Pay-Per-Click Their proprietary bid-for-position technology allows you to set the amount you wish to pay for each keyword. You can view the current competing bid prices on your keywords at any time. You can change your bid price at any time. Full suite of management tools to help improve ROI.

MIVA Pay-Per-Call Studies confirm that speaking directly with a prospective customer is infinitely more effective than leaving a buying decision to chance. In fact, it is about 45% more effective. Pay-Per-Call helps you convert customers to buyers because you: Own your customer at each stage of the buying/sales cycle Pre-Sell, Up-sell, Re-sell Build relationships Provide insight into complex goods and services Answer questions. Overcome objections

Pay-for-performance provider Miva (formerly Findwhat) is known as much for its PPC service as it is for its e-commerce shopping cart solutions. Miva has been around in some iteration or another for many years and actually has two pay-per-click networks, the Core network features the company's standard bid-for-position technology, and the new Miva Precision Network enables advertisers to concentrate on specific business verticals. Miva has several interesting features including AdAnalyzer, to track the actual ROI on advertising investments.


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