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Local Search - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Advertising - Marchex, Inc. Reach more customers searching for what you sell. Marchex Adhere delivers cost-effective pay-per-click access to top search and local Web sites, including OpenList, one of the largest and fastest-growing local search network that reaches more than 32 million people nationwide.

Pay-per-click traffic with Enhance Interactive: Get access to Billions of searches per month: $25 account credit! Enhance Interactive Pay-Per-Click Advertising -- Free Sign Up. 2 Billion Searches Per Month, New Customers in 15 Minutes.

Enhance Interactive has teamed up with Excite! to bring you Guaranteed Search Inclusion, a Paid Inclusion product. Now you can guarantee that your site is included in the search index of Excite! and other leading search sites across the Internet. Traditionally, search engines require you to pay per every URL on your entire website, review only a portion of your site, and only refresh your site once a month or less. With the Guaranteed Inclusion program, you can submit your website for one bulk price; and regular 48-hour indexing allows for updates to be reflected immediately in the search results on your selected web pages. Exposure is key in the Internet Industry. Guaranteed Inclusion makes it affordable to enroll your entire site; ensuring you receive maximum exposure for your website. Enroll today!

Local search and advertising company Marchex is known for making waves. The company purchased over 170,000 domain names for use in its OpenList local search platform. The ad solution provides advertisers with the ability to geo-target specific areas and topics of interest. A pure-play PPC search engine, Marchex has an impressive list of distribution partners including TheMotleyFool and RealtyTrac, advertising resellers such as and agencies.



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