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DarkBlue Affiliate Network. At DarkBlue you won't have to chase payments. DarkBlue's affiliate programs consolidate all of your affiliate earnings into one monthly on-time payment. DarkBlue is an affiliate network focused on providing the best affiliate programs from the top advertisers online.

Advertising on DarkBlue is strictly CPA (Cost Per Action/Acquisition) so there is zero risk for advertisers. The DarkBlue Affiliate Network is a trusted third party between advertisers and affiliates, providing services such as free ad serving, tracking, statistical reporting, real time service and support, and a quick turnaround for advertisers.

DarkBlue is an innovative affiliate network set to raise the standard of current online marketing solutions. The network delivers a unique service for advertisers wanting to increase profitability for their website through the placement of advertisements on affiliate website's. Since its beginnings, DarkBlue has grown to become a leading force in affiliate marketing, with over 60 staff and support members. With a unique business model and sophisticated data management systems, DarkBlue is dedicated to bringing advertisers and affiliates the highest quality service and support to guarantee its place as one of the top affiliate networks on the Internet today. The network currently boasts more than 12,000 affiliates* producing over 1 billion impressions* per month.

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DarkBlue.com Pty Ltd Level 10, 243 Edward Street Brisbane Queensland Australia 4000



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