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Stealing MySpace: The Battle to Control the Most Popular Website in America
(Hardcover) by Julia Angwin (Author) 3/09

Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business
(Hardcover) by Larry Weber (Author) 3/09


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MySpace Marketing: Creating a Social Network to Boom Your Business
(Paperback) by Sean Percival (Author) 12/08

MySpace Marketing: The Promotional Revolution
(Paperback) by Nick Jag (Author) 8/07

Myspace to Sacred Space: God for a New Generation
(Paperback) by Christian Piatt (Author), Amy Piatt (Author) 7/07

Myspace Social Guide
(Paperback) by Aaron Bollinger (Author), Andy Guze (Editor) 6/07

MySpace For Dummies (For Dummies
(Paperback) by Ryan Hupfer (Author), Mitch Maxson (Author), Ryan Williams (Author) 1/07

Ty Cohen's MySpace Magic Manuscript The world's #1 guide to using music and other social network sites to market, promote and sell your music world wide!
(Perfect Paperback) by Ty Cohen (Author), 10/06

Hacking MySpace: Mods and Customizations to make MySpace Your Space (ExtremeTech)
(Paperback) by John Pospisil (Author) 8/06

MySpace Music Marketing: How to Promote & Sell Your Music on the World's Biggest Networking Web Site
(Paperback) by Bob Baker (Author) 7/06




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