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Simply Rich: Life and Lessons from the Cofounder of Amway: A Memoir
Paperback by Rich DeVos (Author) 4/01/2014

Live the Dream: No More Excuses
Hardcover by Larry Winters (Author) 4/03/2012


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Amway Forever: The Amazing Story of a Global Business Phenomenon
Hardcover by Kathryn A. Jones (Author) 8/09/2011

Amway: The True Story of the Company that Transformed the Lives of Millions
(Paperback) by Wilbur Cross (Author) 2/01

Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors
by Ruth Carter 58 9/99

Empire of Freedom: The Amway Story and What It Means to You
by James W. Robinson, Richard L. Lesher 61 9/97

American Victory: The Real Story of Today's Amway
by Shad Helmstetter 61 4/97

Ain't It Great: A Look Inside Amway
by John Andrews 68 9/01

Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise
by Stephen Butterfield 62 5/85

The dream that Will not Die : The Rest of the Story Behind the Amway Phenomenon
by Charles Paul Conn 71 1/96





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