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Opt-in boxes.

You need those email address sucking bad boys on your blog sidebars, blog popups, Facebook Wall AND Fan Pages, Mini-Sites, Viral Sites, Affiliate Sites, Fly Catcher Pages, Squeeze Pages, Web Page sidebars, popups, fly ins, exit pages -- and the list goes on and on.

But have you EVER tried to figure out how to cram one of those suckers into the sidebar of your page, or try to fit it into the small pop up windows? Tisn't easy to figure out.

And what about putting 'em on the Facebook Wall when your Facebook Ain't got H-T-M-L. What about that?

And how about CUSTOMIZING your submit button so it's one lean, mean tricked out call to action that you'd be proud of showin' to your visitors?

Those old gray buttons are fine but SOMETIMES you wanna trick it out with a bright, shiny button. How do you pull THAT off without watching your hair fall out on your keyboard?

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Marlon Sanders