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Wordze Keyword Research Tool

Keywords Research

Research Your Market With Wordze
Keyword research has never been more convenient. At Wordze, you can quickly research any market and apply filters to find the keywords you want.
Simple But Advanced Search. Enter in a keyword to start your search, then quickly refine the results by filters and easy to use drop-down menus.

* Match your terms based on an Exact or Broad matching algorithm
* With a click of a mouse filter out unwanted words or all unwanted terms
* With each search, you will get up to 10,000 keywords
* See the last 30 days search count, as well as the total estimated traffic on all search engines for the keyword
* All results include KEI that can be saved along with the Keyword, Count, and Estimated traffic

At Wordze, keyword research is not just about finding great keywords. It is about knowing which keywords will be quicker or harder to get investment returned in the search engines or PPC markets. Dig Tool and Keyword Expander

* Search deeper by clicking on a keyword to find sub-related terms
* Sort the results by Term, Count, Or Estimated
* Keyword History included on all Keywords
* Use their Patented Technology "WordRank" to analyze keywords based on competition, links, Page Rank, age and more
* Dig deep into the all the websites ranking for a term you're researching and research all the other terms they are targeting

Keyword Trends
Knowing a keyword's overall performance is the key to finding valuable keywords that will continue to provide traffic month after month. With Wordze, you can track a term's daily traffic for up to the past year.

Keyword Analytics with WordRank
With Wordze's patented technology you can finally get true keyword analytics over keywords in search engines. Their technology reverse engineers the search engines inventory to quickly see which search engine optimization methods are working, and which are not.

Competitor Keywords
With one powerful tool, spy on the keywords your competitors are targeting.

Find synonyms for any keyword using Wordze's onboard Thesaurus.

Typo Technology
Everyday people make typing mistakes and misspellings while using the search engines. At Wordze, their typo technology goes beyond making up random typos. It finds real typos and misspellings in their database.


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