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Spy on Your Competitors - Target Their Keywords

SpyFu Keyword SmartSearch - Keyword lists that stand up to the toughest standards. Yours.
With SpyFu’s Keyword SmartSearch, build a well-calculated keyword list filtered to your exact specifications. Before you put SpyFu’s SmartSearch to work, you decide which words measure up. With options on cost per click ranges or search volume standards, you can finally pinpoint your ideal keyword list using criteria that matter to you.

Cash in on your Competitors' Work - SpyFu Ad History
We are exposing every move your competitors have made over the past year. Now it is your turn to cash in on their profits. Find the best converting ads and keywords instantly (and avoid the ones that flopped). With SpyFu Ad History included in every SpyFu subscription, you will uncover a keyword's successes and downfalls in one spot. Others have taken months of expensive trial and error to find ad copy that works, but you will seize that knowledge in just seconds.

Secure Your Advantage - SpyFu Kombat
What if they know something you don't? SpyFu Kombat reveals the keywords your challengers have in common, making "missing out" a thing of the past for you.

SpyFu is the leader in Online Advertising Research and is used by Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimazation Agencies, Online Marketing Professionals, and Affiliate Marketers to maximize their adwords. SpyFu reveals powerful information about your competitors, the keywords they use, the cpc for those terms, and the clicks per day. The Authorities in SEO / SEM recommend SpyFu.


“SpyFu is simply the best keyword competitive intelligence tool in the market.” SEOABC.net

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Search Engine Optimization Journal

“Spyfu is a great resource! I can't believe I didn't know about it before. This has come in an excellent time for me as I am doing market research for [a] client.” Alexa Ronngren,
Aldeia Global Marketing

“For all of us setting up and managing AdWords marketing campaigns and other PPC efforts, Spyfu.com should definitely become a resource in setup and ongoing PPC management!” Noah,

“…an extremely valuable tool for keyword research.”Evan Carmichael
YoungEntrepreneur.com blog

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