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Misspelled Keywords
Do your customers make spelling mistakes? 10%-20% of all online searches are misspelled. Misspelled Keywords finds these misspellings, analyzes them and calculates how many hits they may receive.

Why you should use your customers' mistakes to gain a positively unfair business advantage over your competitors - with the combined muscle of all their misspelled searches! You can learn... "How to effortlessly ramp up your pay-per-click profits up to 10%-20% - in less than 15 minutes - by tapping into this goldmine your competitors are mining the hard, costly, and old fashioned way. And still failing to uncover thousands of these priceless keyword gems!" - just read this short report now! You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Misspelling, missepelled keywords, keyword, pay-per-click, ppc.

Web Tricks - Spelling & Misspelling

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List of common misspellings in English

Commonly Misspelled Words

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