Joint Venture JV Joint Ventures

Joint Venture - A venture by a partnership or conglomerate designed to share risk or expertise

Model Joint Venture Agreement with Commentary
(Paperback) by Committee on Negotiated Acquisitions (Author) 4/07

Joint Ventures: Antitrust Analysis of Collaborations Among Competitors
(Paperback) by ABA (Author) 3/07


Strategies of Cooperation: Managing Alliances, Networks, and Joint Ventures
(Paperback) by John Child (Author), David Faulkner (Author), Stephen Tallman (Author) 12/05

Strategic Partnerships : An Entrepreneur's Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances
(Hardcover) by Robert Wallace 9/04

Intellectual Property: Licensing and Joint Venture Profit Strategies
(Hardcover) by Gordon V. Smith (Author), Russell L. Parr (Author) 4/04

The Joint Venture
(Hardcover) by Gilbert Visconti (Author) 5/03


Joint Venture
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