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Online fax service, email fax, internet fax, fax to email - GoFaxer Online Faxes. Send faxes to any fax machine through email. No software to download No long distance charges No busy signals No wasted paper Try it now -- Send a free fax.

Start faxing today! GoFaxer is your cost-effective and resourceful solution to age-old, toner and paper consuming fax machines. GoFaxer allows you to send, receive and organize your paperwork electronically. Fax anytime. Internet Fax by GoFaxer lets you get a toll free fax number that you can send and receive faxes quickly without a fax machine. It's as simple as sending an email. Businesses need a fast, reliable way to send and receive faxes on the Internet. GoFaxer Internet fax is a reliable and secure way of faxing. Store, manage and forward faxes just like other documents. www.gofaxer.com

Internet Fax by GoFaxer™
Internet fax is a way of using the Internet and your email to send messages to fax machines. To use an internet fax you must register for an account with an internet fax service and they'll assign you a fax number.

GoFaxer gives you a toll free number to use for internet faxing. So not only will you skip the long distance charges, so will the people who send you a fax. Unlike most internet fax services, there is no software to install with GoFaxer's internet faxing. That makes it easier to get or send a fax from whatever computer you're at - whether at home, in the office, or on the road. You can fax directly from your computer or even your cell phone - anywhere you have internet access.

The convenience and low cost of internet faxes makes it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Now you don't have to be near a fax machine or even leave your desk to send a fax. Plus, you can access your account and use it from any computer. There's no need to refill toner, fix the machine, or wait to make sure your fax is sent. Everyone who has a fax machine gets spam faxes, but that's less common and easier to manage with an internet fax service. Just click delete.

Here are some other benefits of internet fax:

* You can get multiple faxes at the same time
* No busy signals.
* You don't need another line or to wait in line to send or receive a fax.
* Every internet fax you send or receive is archived for your records.
* Saves paper - only print out the faxes you want to print.
* Faxes can be delivered to one or multiple fax numbers.
* No paper jams.

How to Send an Internet fax
Sending an internet fax is very much like sending email. In fact, with your account you can send faxes as well as send and receive email messages. They work in much the same way. You forward your faxes to your personal email account or to another email address.

To send an internet fax now, sign up for GoFaxer's free trial. You'll log in and it will look much like your email account but you enter a fax number instead of an email address. Attach the document you want to fax. You can also write a cover letter. When you're finished, click submit. Your fax will be sent and a copy of it will be in your archive.

GoFaxer gives you 1 GB of space or 1000 pages a month with a Pro monthly subscription. Soon there will be a new name for traditional fax machines - dinosaurs.

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