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Mailloop 7.0 -- Business Automation Software

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Software that can help you automate your entire business. An extremely versatile program. It works alongside your current e-mail client program to pre-filter e-mail, extract forms-generated data from e-mail messages, strip e-mail addresses from any kind of file, merge your database into personalized e-mail messages, provide autoresponder-like responses, host newsletters, and process "remove" requests from those who want you to be removed from any of your lists.

E-mail Automation Software
Unlimited Autoresponders
Faster, More Robust Newsletter Server
Automatic List & Letter Management
Automated Mailing & Newsletter Archiving
Extensive E-mail Personalization Features
Unlimited E-mail Accounts AND Newsletters

You can try Mailloop 7.0 risk free for 90 days.

The software designers who built Mailloop 7.0 spent a lot of time talking to real people -- so it's really easy to start using right away. Even an absolute beginner will have no problem automating your newsletters... your mailing lists... your autoresponders... whatever you need.

Mailloop software include video tutorials that are included free with your copy of Mailloop 7.0. These videos actually hold your hand and visually walk you through the entire step by step process of setting up your copy of Mailloop.

Mailloop 7.0 has been built with the latest e-mail technology so that you can send HTML e-mail.
Mailloop 7.0 provide unlimited autoresponders for unlimited e-mail accounts and it will also manage multiple e-mail accounts automatically. Mailloop e-mail automation software increase your sales and automate your business.




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