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Pandela Virtual Private Server Hosting!
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Pandela specializes in clean, green, reliable and secure VPS hosting. Green VPS Hosting is important not only for the environment, but for the future of VPS hosting and they are proud to acquire credits from the most credible providers of green credits.

Their datacenters are among the most reliable and secure in the industry. Corporately owned, their data centers offer multiple generators, UPS and ample air conditioning to support even the most discriminating blade hosting environments. Their datacenters also offer no less than 3 diverse conduits providing multiple telecom vendors access through fiber feeds and best possible BGP routing to ensure your site is always available. Biometrics, automatic camera detection (ACD) and on site security also ensure that your investment in their VPS hosting service is secure.

Contract Free Hosting

Full root access
Choice of Linux distro
Dedicated IP address
Raid-10 Enterprise Class Disk Subsystems
Guaranteed RAM - Not oversold
8-Core Servers running Virtuozzo/Hyper V
Gigabit switch uplink
High density data center
Redundant High Availability Power
Redundant Power Grids into Facility
110% Trouble-Free Price Guarantee

Pandela is owned by Momentum Advanced Solutions which means piece of mind. Each data center has UPS backup, ample generation with no less than 1.3 megawatt of backup power in any location. Further, each data center is purpose built which means that all applications running are safe and secure which include monitoring for physical intrusion, environmental such as temperature, fire, water and more.

For those applications that require extra electrical or cooling needs, Pandela can offer high density server facilities as well.

Their networks are also best of breed. They manage their own networks with a staff that are on site in network operations center 7x24x365. They use technology like HP Openview and other tools to monitor networks and if requested, systems and environments. Managed by multiple Cisco Core Routers and Switches providing multiple gigabit of fiber traffic to flow comfortably.

Guarantee provides comfort on network and power availability.
100% Network and Power Uptime Availability Guarantee
Up to 100% Credits on Monthly Fees
2-Hour Commencement of Onsite Data Resources, if required



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