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General Account Features * Unlimited bandwidth * 1,000+ GB of RAID protected storage space and growing! * cPanel * 10 websites per account plus add a new site every month! * 24/7 live technical support * $50 search credit * Money back guarantee * Server Specifications * CentOS Linux * Redundant OC-3/OC-12 lines * Mirrored Raid Array * Redundant power backup * Email Features * Unlimited POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts * Unlimited autoresponders, forwards, and mailing lists * Web-mail Access * 3rd Party Email Support * 1000 MB POP3/IMAP E-mail storage * Software Support * PHP 5 with suPHP and eAccelerator * GD/ImageMagick * MySQL 5 * Fantastico - huge pre-installed script library * Perl 5 * Software Support (continued) * Sendmail * Free Perl module installations * Server-side includes * Webalizer web statistics * Additional Features * Microsoft Expression Web Support * Unlimited sub-domains ( * Domain parking (10) * MySQL databases (10) * $2/mo dedicated static IP addresses * Directory Protection * phpMyAdmin

HostRocket is dedicated towards providing a cost effective, full managed hosting solution websites of any size. From a 5 page personal site to a 500 page corporate site, HostRocket has a managed hosting solution right for you.

HostRocket serves thousands of customers around the world, both personal, small, and large businesses alike. If you have a website, we have a hosting plan with the right price that is right for you. Host Rocket




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