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GreenGeeks is the leading Green Energy Web Hosting Provider powering over 500,000 websites.


HostGator hosts over 1,800,000 websites on its shared and reseller servers. That means a lot of servers, and a lot of carbon emissions. They took steps to minimize environmental impact at the office. They switched to 36% more efficient servers. NOw all of their shared and reseller servers are now 130% wind powered! That's right! 130%! They're not just neutralizing their environmental impact, they're reversing it! HostGator has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool every last one of their shared and reseller servers!

All of HostGator's wind credits are generated in their home state of Texas! While they can't build a wind farm here in downtown Houston, they're doing the next best thing and investing in renewable energy close to home! Green-e Certified RECs. All of HostGators REC's have been registered, verified, and retired from the market.

Off Grid Living: How To Start Your Off Grid Journey
Paperback – January 24, 2019 by Mike Holsworth (Author)


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Designing your Website to Use Less Energy: Green Energy Websites
Paperback – November 11, 2015 by Dale Stubbart (Author)

The Greening of IT: How Companies Can Make a Difference for the Environment
(Paperback) by John Lamb (Author) 5/09

Green IT For Dummies
(Paperback) by Carol Baroudi (Author), Jeffrey Hill (Author), Arnold Reinhold (Author), Jhana Senxian (Author) 4/09

The Green and Virtual Data Center
(Hardcover) by Greg Schulz (Author) 1/09

Picture Yourself Going Green: Step-by-Step Instruction for Living a Budget-Conscious, Earth-Friendly Lifestyle in Eight Weeks or Less (Environmental Issues)
(Paperback) by Erinn Morgan (Author) 1/09

The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Environmentally-Friendly Living [ILLUSTRATED]
(Paperback) by Jenn Savedge (Author) 4/08

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