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EasyASP Hosting - Affordable, Quality Web Hosting. Features: 1,000 MB hard disk storage 15 GB monthly transfer 350 POP3 & WebMail e-mail accounts 350 e-mail forwarding 350 e-mail autoresponders Active Virus Protection SPAM Filtering 30-day money-back guarantee Same-day setup Access to raw log files Unlimited FTP updates SmarterTools SmarterStats FrontPage 2002 15 ODBC/DSN MS Access Databases mySQL Database Active Server Pages and .NET Perl, PHP, Python, and CGI Scripting 24/7 FTP account access Web-based Hosting Controller Web-based Email Controller ColdFusion and MIVA Merchant. 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support - Free Account Setup (for a limited time) - ASP, .Net, & FrontPage - Perl, PHP, Python, and CGI Scripting - Web-based Email and POP3 - Free Website Statistics (SmarterStats) - MS Access, mySQL; MS SQL(available) - Shared SSL - HELM Web Hosting Control Panel. www.easyasphosting.com

24/7 FTP account access
250 MB hard disk storage
30-day money-back guarantee
5 GB monthly transfer
50 e-mail autoresponders
50 e-mail forwarding
50 POP3 & Webmail e-mail accounts
Access to raw log files
Active Server Pages and ASP.NET
Active Virus Protection
ColdFusion and MIVA Merchant
FrontPage 2002
MS Access Databases
mySQL Databases
Perl, PHP, Python, and CGI Scripting
Same-day setup
SmarterTools SmarterStats
SPAM Filtering
Unlimited FTP updates
Web-based Email Controller
Web-based Hosting Controller

Web Hosting
Domain Name Registration
Merchant Accounts
Credit Cards Application
Credit Reports
Credit Loan Lending
Real Estate