Shopster e-Commerce Dropship Review
Shopster: A Dropship and Online Storefront Service Provider. Social Networking for products.

Shopster is the Free Merchant Network that lets you build a store, connect to other merchants, find products to sell and sell your own products through new channels. Build Your Online Store / Sales Channels then Build Your Network then Build Your Business

The key to success in the Shopster Merchant Network are connections. By connecting directly with suppliers of unique and custom products - your goods are as unique as the people who supply them. This gives you an advantage no matter where you choose to sell - your Online Store, eBay, Amazon, anywhere. Invite your existing connections into the Shopster network as well; by managing your supply chain from one place you save time and money. Suppliers can join for free too.

Sell Your Products – The FREE Shopster account gives you the power to list up to 25 products on the Network and in your store. Stock your store with products from your own inventory or from products selected from the Shopster Network. As your business grows, you can always add more products by selecting one of our product enhancements.

Sell Network Products – Connect with Merchants on the Shopster Network and add new products to your inventory. Create your ideal product mix and increase your sales without paying to hold inventory.

Network Merchants Sell your Products – Add distribution and increase your selling potential by having other Merchants promote and sell your products. Because you build your Shopster network, you have full control over who sells your products.

Design Your Store – Your professional online store can be up and running within minutes of creating your free Shopster account. To help you on your way, Shopster provides you with your own free domain name, professional store templates, and an easy to use store builder.

Try out New Sales Channels – Launch and market your products and Network products by selling through their many Sales Channels. Shopster allows you to push your product offering to eBay, Amazon, shopping comparison sites and more. You control where you sell.

Drive traffic to your site and sell your products. The Shopster Network helps you present your products in more places to increase your traffic. It also frees up your time to do what you do best – sell online!

Shopster: Dropship Wholesale Products With Online Storefront. Shopster enables you to start your online storefront selling any of 1,000,000 products which they dropship directly to your customers anywhere in North America. Pick the products from their virtual warehouse, set your prices, market your online business, and start selling.

Shopster Product Source gives you the products and tools you need to start or grow your online business.
You get:
* 1,000,000+ products from 130 suppliers
* Their Listing Manager for eBay
* Configurable product exports
* Products dropshipped to your customer
* Live order tracking
* Training and customer service
* Shopster online sellers community forum

Shopster e-Commerce is your complete online business solution.
It combines the benefits of Product Source with their online storefront and sales tools to expand your business potential. Shopster e-Commerce includes all the features from Shopster Product Source PLUS:
* Fully customizable storefront
* Marketing and sales tools
* Dropship product source inventory
* Industry-leading fraud prevention
* Full customer support for your store




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