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All websites need DNS. Always Up and Running. Global Managed DNS! Improve Your Website Performance and Security!

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Neustar Managed DNS - For Websites that NEVER Go Down. Managed External DNS Traffic Management Services at NEUSTAR. A leading provider of global managed DNS and traffic management solutions.

Why UltraDNS ?

Managing DNS is not a glamorous job, but it is mission-critical because it's essential to virtually every Internet transaction. That's where Neustar's UltraDNS comes in. It provides a comprehensive and scalable solution capable of processing thousands of queries per second.

Why Managed DNS ?

Neustar's UltraDNS suite of managed services is built on a global directory platform and network infrastructure. Neustar's DNS platform also delivers innovative traffic management solutions, enabling customers to back up servers and route content requests and transactions. With Neustar's Traffic Management services, customers can maximize their business results at a fraction of the cost.

UltraDNS Delivers: - Enhanced ROI - Superior Performance - Quality of Service - Scalability - Manageability - Security. UltraDNS Managed Services. In the interconnected world of websites, and e-commerce, managing DNS is critical. It is also stressful to manage. Take the stress out of DNS. Put your External DNS in the hands of the experts. Neustar"s Managed DNS offers businesses fast, seamless, fail-safe DNS resolution that keeps networks online and available 24x7x 365.

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