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Logo Design - The Logo Company. Every company, business, sports team, church, website, shop, group, etc needs a professional logo design. New business logo and new website logo. Logo design and corporate identity branding. They have been designing quality custom logo design on the net since 2000. The Logo Company has provided unique logo design to literally thousands of clients. They run their world-class logo design service at low price compared to market average price. Their standard price for a logo design is just $149. www.thelogocompany.net

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The Logo Design Toolbox: Time-Saving Templates for Graphic Design
Hardcover by Alexander Tibelius (Author) 8/15/2013

Essential Elements for Brand Identity: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands (Design Essentials)
Paperback by Curt Wozniak (Author), Kevin Budelmann (Author), Yang Kim (Author) 4/01/2013

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Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team
[Hardcover] Alina Wheeler (Author) 11/06/2012

The Logo Brainstorm Book: A Comprehensive Guide for Exploring Design Directions
Hardcover by Jim Krause (Author) 8/08/2012

LogoLounge 3: 2000 International Identities by Leading Designers (v. 3)
(Paperback) by Catharine Fishel (Author), Bill Gardner (Author) 2/09

Masters of Design: Logos & Identity: A Collection of the Most Inspiring Logo Designers in the World
(Hardcover) by Sean Adams (Author) 9/08

Really Good Logos Explained: Top Design Professionals Critique 500 Logos and Explain What Makes Them Work
(Paperback) by Margo Chase (Author), Rian Hughes (Author), Ron Miriello (Author), Alex W White (Author) 5/08

Logo Design Workbook : A Hands-On Guide to Creating Logos
(Paperback) by Noreen Morioka, Terry Stone Sean Adams 3/06

Letterhead and Logo Design 9 (Letterhead and Logo Design)
(Hardcover) by Mine, Christopher Simmons 9/05

Letterhead & Logo Design 8
(Paperback) by Top Design Studio 6/05

Logo Design for Small Business 2
(Paperback) by Dan Antonelli 12/04



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