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CoProsper Affiliate Network. By joining the CoProsper affiliate network, they will link you up with top merchants in various industries and provide you with all the marketing material and assistance to make you successful.

How do you want to get paid? Here are the various options.

Cost Per Sale [CPS] Flat Amount or Percentage of Sale (Pay per Sale [PPS] or Cost per Acquisition [CPA])
You will be paid every time a customer you have sent to a merchant undertakes a specific action, such as purchasing a product, service or membership.

Cost Per Lead [CPL] Flat Amount (Pay per Lead [PPL])
You will receive a payment for every lead you generate. This could be a free membership or the joining of a mailing list.

Cost Per Click [CPC] Flat Amount (Pay per Click [PPC])
You will be paid every time a unique user on your site clicks on a merchant's creative (banner, text link etc).

Cost Per Thousand [CPM] Flat Amount
You will be paid for each one thousand impressions of a merchant's creative that has been displayed on your site.

Recurring Sales [RS] Flat Amount or Percentage of Sales (Revenue Share)
You will receive a monthly flat amount or percentage of each sale you generate with a merchant for the life of the user's account activity.

Tiered Commissions [TC] Percentage based on Referred Webmasters Earnings
By referring other webmasters to sign up as affiliates at CoProsper Affiliate Network, you will be paid a percentage based on the earnings they generates. This referral commission will be for the life of your referred webmaster's activities across ALL their campaigns!

Advantages of becoming a CoProsper affiliate

FREE Sign-up: no ongoing costs
Extensive list of pay for performance options
One-on-one assistance by your dedicated affiliate manager
Ability to promote many quality merchants
Access to all marketing materials (banners, text links etc) in one central location
Real-time reporting system, enabling you to optimize your promotions on the go
One monthly affiliate payment for all the merchants you promote
Webmaster Referral Commission
Commission payout via Bankwire, Paypal, Check.



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