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Clicksor will pay you up to 70% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from your website. Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor allows your visitors to enjoy the content of your website and bring generous earnings to you at the same time. Content Targeted Contextual Advertising. An advertising network offers content targeted advertising service on CPC/PPC basis. Content targeted advertising, online advertising, pay per click, ppc, keyword bids, keyword management, advertising bids, content target. Min. Commission Payment $50 USD via check or Paypal. Clicksor Contextual Link Clicksor Contextual Text Banner In-page Graphic Banner Pop-Unders XML Feeds Search box. CPV CPC CPI CPM

Publisher Payment Policy
PayPal – 2% of earnings up to a maximum $20
Check - $2 per check
Wire - $75 per wire

India, Indonesia, United States, Pakistan. 43


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