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OWS Software

OWS Software: Deals and Coupons Website Script and Datafeed OWS Deals Coupons Website Script is a PHP/MySQL based system designed to provide everything you need to run a successful Deals and Coupons Website.

OWS Software Coupon Site can create you a state-of-the-art website that is automatically updated with daily deals and coupons for up to 2600 stores in minutes. Right now they have a database with about 10000 coupons.

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Earn money by GIVING AWAY coupons! Have you ever wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing? Are you already a successful affiliate with a client base whose members would be happy to get great online deals through your existing websites? Have you ever wondered how coupon websites are making money without requiring people to surrender their email addresses or fill out surveys?

Here is your opportunity to enter into or fully utilize the multimillion dollar AFFILIATE MARKETING SYSTEM while saving people money in the process. An OWS Deals & Coupons Website script will help you maximize your commission sales opportunities by converting coupon raw coupon deal offers from major brands into a user friendly and visually beautiful one stop website. In addition to providing you with coupons from up to 2600 well known retailers including Sears, Walmart, and Amazon.com, their system is fully customizable.

You can add your own RSS feeds, coupons, and other marketing tools to the Coupon Site system. In fact, you can even create and rent store space to other businesses! It would probably take a programmer thousands of dollars and and at least 100 hours of time to create a quality coupon script. By contrast, they can have your store up in running in less than two days.


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