CBprosense - Your path to affiliate profits.


CBprosense is a contextual Ad system. It delivers an RSS feed of ClickBank products (more than 10,000 products) which closely match the content of your site.

Like Adsense, CBprosense spider & analyzes your pages, it then determines the page theme and delivers accordingly, a feed of closely matched products (from a pool of more than 10,000 ClickBank digital products and services, with high paying commission rates).

Unlike Adsense, you have much more control over most aspects of the Ads, like preferred type of products, commission rate, ads look, size, number of products (1 - 100) to display, etc. and best of all, better revenue your end. You can use CBprosense over your website and considerably increase your ClickBank's commission sales & revenue, doubling, even tripling your current Adsense revenue. Commissions are paid directly by ClickBank (Once a fortnight - like clockwork !). CBprosense is offered free of charge. Check it out now, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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