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CBMall ClickBank Affiliate Storefront CB

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CBmall Click Bank Affiliate Storefront and Search Engine. CBmall provides many powerful ways to earn online income through ClickBank affiliate products and a ClickBank search engine.

1. Fully Hosted, "Ready-To-Go," 127-Page CBmall Site Listing Thousands of Top-Selling Products
2. Customizable Cut-And-Paste, Profit-Pulling Search Engine Where You Earn Commissions On The Search Results

3. Supports Multiple Affiliate Programs
4. Customize With Your Own Featured Link
5. Profit Maximizing Banner Ad Management System

6. Massive Residual Income Opportunity
7. Fully Automated, Personalized CBmall Autoresponders (Value $215)
8. Built-In Affiliate Program And Affiliate Resource Website Training (Value $200)
9. BONUS! FREE Targeted Traffic To Your CBmall (Value $50)
10. BONUS! 100% Personalized, One-On-One Professional CBmall Marketing Help. (Value $200)

Profit from 1,997 best-selling ClickBank products promoting one URL. Highly automated system with CB Search Engine.



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