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Unlock the full potential of your website and easily increase your website revenue with CB Maximizer.
- Increase the amount of times search engine spiders visit your site with fresh, always-changing content they love! To generate new, targeted content search engines look for.

- Get a lucrative income source through Clickbank where you get to offer high-sales converting products for up to 75% of the action, instead of mere cents you get with AdSense.

- Gain complete flexibility and freedom with your ads by having the option of using any of 4 different formats, including HTML, PHP, java script, and RSS. Always have the latest updated products from the Clickbank maket place because as soon as they update, then your ads get updated too!

- Have the option of listing only the top selling products for any market or keyword you want, to be sure you're offering the best converting products in your market place for maximum return! Have the option of putting these ads alongside your AdSense ads by making them look completely different. Other ads that look like AdSense will get you banned!

- Gain complete security you will be credited for all your sales using your built-in affiliate link cloaker (Why risk losing sales with other revenue sources, when you can make sure you don't so easily?).



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