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1700+ FFA links separate 3 times FFA link pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Manual submissions

By making manual submissions, you go directly to each search engine site and make your submission. Then you know it was done and it was done correctly.

If you have multiple pages to submit, we recommend you start with your home page and submit it to everything first. That gets your home page in the search engine spiders' queues. When the spider goes to work, it might dig down into your site and register the other pages. But go ahead and submit the other pages next, just in case the spider doesn't dig in. All-in-one submission page

GoTo 1.7% pay $25 to open account, give you a $5 bonus when join.

Open Directory Project 46


Magellan crawled several mins. crawled all
Northern Light 6 weeks
PlanetSearch a few days
SpiderBot Las Vegas directory only
Super Snooper 2 wks Only 1 page/site ?? Awesome Relevancy??
Voila crawled

*WebSearch2K no adult site
Web Wombat .au or .nz domain only
*World Light 10 sec, URL with htm extension

*Aeiwi URL end with / 250K+ links in 100 categories
*World Search Center URL end with /

root domain only Amnesi
*Fast Search *Surfgopher
Isleuth Index searchable databases only

Foreign Language

Fireball Germany
*InterSearch Europe Germany
*InterSearch Europe Austria

Directory submissions and Search Engines Advertising 4.5 million uniques monthly, and offer 40 million plus page views
Search Hound free/ pay $100 min
Galore $10 min

Affliate Programs

Yahoo 46%. Re-submitting to Yahoo every 6 weeks until you are included. How to Suggest Your Site Advanced Help
Snap 3%
*Yep based on Quality and Popularity

Looksmart AltaVista
LookSmart - UK
LookSmart - AUS

Ask Jeeves


BizAds Business Locator $60/ yr per listing.

BlackSeek (black-owned sites and business)

Cornish Cornwall, no crawl, submit unlimited pages

EuroSeek Instant

Everything Directory


Galaxy Notification by email if accepted.

Home-based Bill's WebDex


Infohiway . buy keyword preferred listing


LinkStar Instant

MOSHIx2 Japan
Moneysearch financial, investing, or small-business focus Media several weeks / months
NetGuide use Lycos as SE
NetMall (shopping directory)

OneKey largest database of kid-safe sites.
OneSeek WebChains

Pengs no adult, human review
Point of Origin Kid safe sites Business
Pronet Business Sites <2 months
Rex <1 month

Search King 150/ 250/ 250characters instantly - 24 hrs
Starting Point <1 day

The Net One
TurnPike Emporium Directory
Webportal Search XGEN Technologies

What's New Too 36 hrs
What's Nu

WWWomen only women-related content or owned web site

UK Index UK content only

UK Max
Curry Guide
Lycos UK
Yahoo UK


Search Europe European content or link back

Australia and New Zealand

OzSearch . au domain or content about or for Australians.
Web Wombat .au or .nz search .au domain first
Altavista au
Aussie Multi-Simple Submit Whats New 2, ANZak
ANZak listed any site for 21 days free. permanent US $29

IndiaInfo india related only

Affliate Programs

Classified ad submissions

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Hotbot Lycos
Alta Vista

HotBot , if your home page is located, click on "see results from this site only" for more details. You can also use their "Check URL" page.

Lycos has a "Check URL" enter your root domain in the Lycos search box, in the form If that doesn't work, drop the .com and try again.

For Webcrawler enter your root domain in the search box, in the form If that doesn't work, drop the .com and try again.

***AltaVista and Infoseek:

In the search box type "url:" and then your URL starting from the part

right after the "www". For example if your URL is:

You should type:

*** Lycos:

Go to the following page and type your full URL:

*** HotBot and MSN Search:

Type your URL in the following way (starting with "domain:"):

One or 2 links from will be displayed. Click on "this site

only" to see more.

*** Excite, AOL Netfind and WebCrawler:

Type in your domain or URL without the https:// such as:


This may also bring up pages linking to you, but if you go through all of

them you will find out if your site is there. Also, try looking for

unique words that appear on your site.

*** Yahoo:

There is no easy way except by typing some words that appear in your URL

or site TITLE and then looking for your site.

URL submission
pick only 2 key words/phrases

25 word description


keyword density at about 7% - 15% of the body text

Excite don't read meta tags ?

A thousand words of text
at least a couple of graphics including your logo.


use no more than two keyword/phrases in your "meta keyword tag"
Put your 2 keyword/phrases in all lower case and then again in upper and lower case.
Put the description in comment tags once.
Keep your text short at 2 - 4 paragraphs.