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James Martell's Affiliate Marketers BootCamp

James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Super Boot Camp

James Martell's Affiliate Marketers BootCamp

The "SUPER BootCamp" as its affectionately nicknamed, is continually updated, and boasts an unique blend of recorded and live online events with an expanded curriculum, weekly video lessons, expert audio interviews, interactive 24/7 member community, twice a month live Q&A and personal coaching sessions, making this paced online e-learning experience a *must* for every serious website publisher wishing to succeed with affiliate programs.

Many affiliates prefer to reduce the learning curve and increase their confidence by attending the 10-week interactive online BootCamp.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Can Be Yours By Attending James Martell's BOOTCAMP.Its been said that the very BEST way to learn anything is to study with a master.

And the reason is simply this: we learn so much more through personal interaction than from books or tapes.

With that in mind James Martell has decided to launch a series of 3-day BootCamps -- intensive, live workshops using animated screenshots of EVERYTHING James does to be successful on the Net -- to "mentor" his students on the essentials of running a first class publishing business to profit from "affiliate programs".

Many know of James' Affiliate Marketers Handbook -- 2005, which was first published in May of 2002, but not everyone knows that James originally started teaching his "secrets" to a small group of lucky locals in 2001-2002.

At that time he got out of "live trainings" because it took precious time and energy away from his growing affiliate business. And although his "downloadable" training provided EVERYTHING someone needed to know to make excellent income from a home-based operation on the Net -- many over the years have asked if he planned to teach a live class again.

Although he entertained the idea from time to time, he never saw the need, especially since so MANY were reporting mind boggling incomes themselves when applying the principles taught in the Handbook, his Google Mastery audio report and his twice-a-month audio newsletter, know affectionately as "the buzz".

But the demand was still there from those who felt they either needed a "kick-start" -- or some advanced training about how to take their operations to the next level by modeling James more closely and putting a small staff in place as he has done.

And because he now has people trained to do much of the "grunt" work he and his wife Arlene used to do -- he has determined that putting together another live class might not only be profitable for himself -- but could also be quite profitable in the long run for those attending.

And, of course, James loves to teach so it seemed like a good decision to launch another live training -- and one that promises to be "light years" ahead of anything done by either himself or others in this fascinating, emerging industry that offers so much lifestyle and income rewards to those who master the techniques involved. BootCamp

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