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Launch of Commission Factory Anticipated To Set New Standards for Australian Affiliate Marketing

Commission Factory Pty Ltd has announced the launch of its new affiliate marketing network - Commission Factory, scheduled to launch on the 15th of July, 2011. It is anticipated to be the most advanced Australian network to date with loads of features never before seen in Australia, with a strong focus on ease of use, security and accessibility.

The news of Commission Factory’s launch and their pre-registration site has already sparked a great deal of interest in affiliate circles and from online retailers looking to run an affiliate program. Enquiries are said to be flooding in, proving that change is needed and wanted in an industry that has stagnated as of late.

There is a plethora of affiliate marketing networks available on the internet, but many seem to have forgotten (or chosen to ignore) that affiliates are the very heart and soul of the industry and very little has been done to cater to their needs. Only a few of the currently available networks have managed to offer a small semblance of what is needed to move forward for both affiliates and merchants, but it has never gone beyond the basics or a bare-bones system.

Commission Factory will be the very first Australian affiliate network to offer weekly commission payments, cookie and cookie-less tracking technology, an iPhone and iPad application for their more mobile users, and intuitive plugins to integrate into affiliate websites making their marketing efforts that much simpler.

Excited about the launch of their affiliate network, a spokesperson for Commission Factory said, “We are bringing to the industry many features that have been used overseas but as usual have been missed here in Australia. Over the past few years, there haven’t been any significant innovations or improvements to affiliate networks in Australia.

They have truly come to a stand still without any foresight to making online marketing a sustainable industry in the future. That is why the level of user satisfaction and growth of this form of marketing has never been able to keep up with overseas based networks. We believe Commission Factory will exceed the user’s requirements as well as their expectations, placing us on par with international affiliate networks and leading the way for the future of the industry.”

Commission Factory will be offering countless unique features for both merchants and affiliates. The system was designed for maximum transparency and communication between affiliates and merchants. Online retailers will be able to start an affiliate program with a small $250 account balance (credited directly to their account) and with no setup or monthly fees, the risks and initial outlay are minimum. Commission factory will allow every merchant to access the same level of management tools and affiliate recruitment, regardless of size.

Right from the start, Commission Factory created a team of highly talented and dynamic staff that have a proven track record in customer service, organisation, multi-tasking and a lot of creativity and analytical thinking. ”We have our team of graphic designers, marketers, web developers and sales staff .

Providing a one-stop solution for merchants and advertisers that want to start an affiliate program” adds the spokesperson. “That doesn’t mean we have left the affiliates out. We are currently sorting some great prizes and sales incentives to keep motivation high and up to 20% more sales can be recorded with our multiple tracking technology ensuring that nothing gets missed and you are paid what is due. affiliates can also benefit from our high-end data feeds and other promotional tools and resources.”

What really sets Commission Factory apart is the fact that it will be an affiliate network managed by current and formerly active affiliates and merchants who understand every aspect of the Australian market. Creating a network that they themselves would want to use was the initial driving force behind it’s original concept, and knowledge of current trends and obstacles to overcome, means that they have a greater understanding of what affiliates need to succeed.

Due to this reason Commission Factory has already received a positive response from a number of international super affiliates who are planning to move to the Australian online market as they see the potential and future growth of the country as something worth taking into consideration. Moreover, Commission Factory has already gained a good social media following and will continue to interact in this fashion with their global audience.

Commission Factory has been designed to enable any online business to start an affiliate program on a small marketing budget. Holding high the belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to make waves online and compete in what will be an enormous market for Australia, with online retail sales expected to increase from 12 billion to 18 billion in the next 3 years. Without biased limitations, the network will be open and equally beneficial for everyone, from the large corporate giants to small business owners and internet startups. For further information on the Commission Factory affiliate network, please visit 57



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