Prime Partners Casino Poker Skill Games Affiliate Program Review

Prime Partners Affiliate Program

Prime Partners Affiliate Program

Since 2003, PrimePartners has been delivering the highest payouts in the gaming industry as well as providing the most personal affiliate support and best performing marketing guidance. Whether you are running a gaming website, operate in direct marketing business or just looking for new ventures in your life. PrimePartners give you immediate opportunity to receive $50 - $300 per real player you refer to your choice of their range of leading brands, as well as numerous levels of direct revenue partnership with them.

They pay on time, every month, and directly to your chosen banking method. After your first 60 calendar days of promoting your choice of Prime brands, an additional $3000 over and above your agreed compensation model, will be accrued to all new affiliates who will deliver either one of the following two objectives to any of their brands: Over 100 New Real Players or Over 1500 New Leads.

As a PrimePartners affiliate, you'll be linked to one of the world's leading online affiliate programs and you'll be earning commission for the lifetime of every player that you acquire.

Your earnings depend greatly on the strength of your website, and how effectively you advertise the sponsoring products. The profit can range anywhere from $300 to $11,000 per month. On average, PrimePartners Webmasters make approximately $1,500 per month.

Commission payment via Neteller, wire transfer, Western Union and more.

The Sub-Affiliate program allow you to earn profits through referrals to other Webmasters. Each referred webmaster that signs up to their program will be registered as your Sub-Affiliate and you will get 15% on top of his commission payment.



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