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Native Shopping Ads
Boost Conversion Today
Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit that can be placed anywhere on your webpage to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity.

Easy to Implement
Native Shopping Ads is easy to implement and manage as the recommendations are selected automatically by either scanning the text of your webpage or based on search terms entered by you or your visitors. You can even select specific products you would like to promote, if desired. Place the code once in your template and every article, review or post you create will have relevant product recommendations that your visitors can easily act on.

General FAQ for Native Shopping Ads

How many Native Shopping Ads variants are available?
There are 3 different variants for Native Shopping Ads
Recommendation Ads: Allows Amazon to automatically recommend the best matched products based on your webpage content and your visitors.
Search Ads: Allows you to drive recommendations based on a search phrase determined by you or your visitor.
Custom Ads: Allows you to specify the products from that you wants to promote.
The first two are the primary ad types. Custom Ads can be used by you to specifically curate products you want to promote.

What type of websites are most suitable for Native Shopping Ads ?
Native Shopping Ads work best on websites/webpages that are product focused with product reviews, articles around products or articles with product mentions.

What sizes are available for Native Shopping Ads?
The ad unit is responsive and would adapt based on the size of the container it is placed in. Alternately, you can specify how many rows of product recommendations you would like to include, either one or two. In case of Custom Ads you can customize the ad unit size by specifying the width and height in pixels.

Does the Native Shopping Ads display products based on the geographical location of your visitor?
The ad unit currently shows products only from and does not display a different set of products based on geography. If you would like to serve Native Shopping Ads for visitors only in the US then we suggest you use an ad server (Eg: DFP) which can support this need.

Is it possible to customize the font/color in Native Shopping Ads?
Currently you are unable to customize the font and color of the ad unit. We are continually adding new features and functionality in future versions and this capability may be considered.

Where can I view the performance details of the ad unit?
You can view the performance report using the Link Type Report

What is the payment structure for the ad unit?
The payment structure will remain the same as outlined in your operating agreement. You will continue to earn referral fees as per the existing agreement.

FAQ for Native Shopping Ads - Recommendation

Where should I place the Recommendation Ads?
We recommend that you place the ad unit within your editorial content or at the end of your articles to allow the visitors to engage with relevant product recommendations. In our early testing, we have seen this placement to be the most effective from a performance perspective

How does it work?
The ad unit identifies key words in your content to match relevant products from the Amazon catalog. It combines page context with Amazon purchase data to recommend products that are relevant and popular for your visitors. If you selected interest-based ads, the ad unit might also show product recommendations based on what your visitors may be interested in. You also have the option to specify fallback products by choosing search key phrases. If Native Shopping Ads is unable to provide enough relevant recommendations to display on your page, it will either reduce the shown products or not show the ad unit.

I am unable to see the ad unit after placing the ad code on my page. Why?
The ad unit generally takes a few minutes to start serving recommendations. It is also optimized to show only when there are enough relevant recommendations available unless you have explicitly specified fallback search phrases.
The ad unit is ideally suited for an in-content or an end of content placement and would automatically adapt to the size available but if placed in a very narrow container (width less than 300 px) the ad unit won't appear.

I want complete control over the set of product recommendations shown in Native Shopping Ads. How do I achieve that?
Select the custom version of Native Shopping Ads if you want to show specific products on your webpages.

I am interested in changing the recommendations for a particular URL. Can I update them?
The current release of Native Shopping Ads is unable to support changing recommendations for a particular URL but we are considering this enhancement for future releases.

FAQ for Native Shopping Ads - Search

How does this work?
Native Shopping Ads - Search allows you to specify search phrases and categories to drive product recommendations using Amazon search. Your visitors can either click on any of the displayed products or type in a different search phrase in the search box to land on Amazon search results page.

How do I programmatically drive the search results of the ad unit?
The ad code for Native Shopping Ads is a simple list of javascript variables and is highly programmable. To programmatically specify the search key phrase to be displayed: amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "your-search-phrase";
The search phrase could potentially be driven by any of the parameters available in your CMS or by the search term entered by the visitors to your site.

FAQ for Native Shopping Ads - Custom

How does this work?
Native Shopping Ads - Custom allows you to specify 4-8 products from Amazon that you would like to promote within your webpages. The actual number of products displayed depends on the space available on your site. By default the ad unit is responsive. However, if you choose to specify a custom size – the minimum width and height shall change depending on whether you want to display one or two rows of product recommendations.

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